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Vattenfall Opens a New Carbon Dioxide Capture Plant

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The CO2 capture pilot power plant Willem-Alexander in Buggenum, the Netherlands, has been officially opened.
Vattenfall is using coal and biomass gasification technology for the two-year trial, as the first company in the energy sector.
At a gala ceremony on 15 April Arnoud Kamerbeek, Vattenfall, officially opened the CO2 capture pilot in the Willem-Alexander power plant in Buggenum.
Arnoud Kamerbeek is proud that Vattenfall is the first energy company in northern Europe to set up a pilot plant for CO2 capture in combination with coal and biomass gasification: "This plant is exceptionally important for Vattenfall. We believe in a cleaner and more flexible production portfolio. Through this trial we will build up valuable knowledge about CO2 capture, fitting in with our strategy of reducing our CO2 emissions."
The project team has worked hard in recent years to prepare this pilot. A substantial research programme is linked to the project. Organisations involved are ECN, Delft University of Technology and KEMA. Nuon has received a subsidy of EUR 10 million for this by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.
Vattenfall is using coal gasification technology for the trial at the Willem-Alexander power plant. The CO2 will be captured and examined and then transported back to the power plant. The trial will last two years.
Although the technique of CO2 capture has been used for the last 50 years in the petrochemical industry, CO2 capture in combination with gasification of coal and biomass has never before been applied in the energy sector. Through the trial Vattenfall aims to acquire knowledge and gain more experience of innovative solutions for reducing CO2 emissions. By devoting itself to CO2 capture and storage Vattenfall is making a step forward in the transition to a more sustainable energy supply. (Carbon Capture Journal)
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