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CLEAN Delegation Visited the CCS Project in Ordos

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In order to provide a better understanding of CCS projects in China, on August 28, 2011 the 3 day Ordos investigation and communication initiative for a delegation brought together by China Low-carbon Energy Action Network (CLEAN) was hosted by GDCCSR, and handled by LinksChina under the funding of GCCSI, .The investigation included a visit to Shenhua Energy's (CSEC) carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project.

As the first whole process of CCS demonstration project at home, CSEC stores the CO2 from the largest coal liquefaction plant into a saline layer. At the same time, their liquefaction and purification facilities and the project designed to inject 100,000 tons of CO2 into saline layer are drawing more and more attention at home and abroad. The saline layer in Ordos Basin is the target site for storage. Establishing the demonstration project to further promote the industrialization of the CCS technology marks a key step toward the field of geological storage of CCS in China.

Besides the members from CLEAN [South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS(SCSIO), Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS (GIEC), Energy Research Institute, NDRC (ERI), Shenzhen Linkschina Investment Advisory, Ltd, University of Cambridge and The University of Edinburgh, Agenda 21 Management Center of Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission (DRC) of Guangdong, DRC of Guangzhou], the British Consulate General in Guangzhou and Yangcheng Evening News and other related members were also invited for the investigation (18 in total). Xin’Ao Group, who has the microalgae-oil project in Ordos, also attached great importance to the CLEAN delegation although the scheduled visit the Xin’Ao microalgae project site had to be cancelled. They sent two representatives especially to describe their progress in the project.

Mr Wang Heming, the Deputy General Manager of CSEC received the CLEAN delegation and explained the CO2 capture devices and processes on-site. The staff at the storage site told us that in the existing coal conversion process, the direct coal liquefaction process is the most efficient, and the emission of CO2 is minimum, and high concentrations of CO2 provide the facilities for the implementation of CCS project.  They are also actively exploring technology to use the CO2, such as CCS, algae carbon sequestration and resource utilization technology. For the past few years, according to the scientific outlook on development, Shenhua Energy has been energetically exploring methods for reducing carbon emission, and decided to deploy a CCS demonstration project. CCS is a synthesis technique which can permanently store carbon dioxide emitted from industries. It is a system including industrial facilities for CO2 capture, purification, liquefaction, and injection system and security testing system. The project can reduce CO2 emissions by about 51M m3 per year, which is equal to the CO2 absorbed by 274 ha. Of broad leaved forest. In May, 2011, the CCS demonstration project performed a continuous injection run, accumulating 7,805 tons of CO2.


China Low-carbon Energy Action Network (CLEAN) – Professional Network for Carbon Capture and Storage Readiness was initiated by the GDCCSR project team as a non-government and not-for-profit organization to introduce and familiarize members with advanced technologies and global progress.  It also offers opportunities for network members to visit global demonstration projects, to promote cooperation among academy and industrials and partnership within industrials in order to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and encourage investments and funds. It is designed to bring together CCS professionals in South China and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon China. (Linkschina)

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