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CIUDEN Completes Initial Oxy-Combustion Testing Phase

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN) has successfully completed the initial testing phase of oxycombustion in its 30 MWth Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler, burning coal using oxygen instead of air.
The tests were carried out in the CIUDEN Technology Development Centre for CO2 Capture (es.CO2), using indigenous coal (low reactivity anthracite).
The process was initiated two months ago with the start-up of the CFB boiler, using gas and later coal. A week ago the operation was switched to oxycombustion using oxygen rather than air.
Using oxygen it is possible to reach CO2 concentrations in flue gas of around 60% instead of 15% as in conventional combustion.
The process is expected to be complete within the first half of 2012 with the start-up of the CO2 purification and compression unit, completing the integration of the CO2 capture system, making it ready for transport and storage.
"Several R&D&D activities will be carried out such as design assessment and optimisation, operation in advanced high performance conditions, and the selection of the most appropriate materials," said Prof. Vicente Cortés, Director of the CO2 Capture Programme at CIUDEN.
Pedro Otero, Technical Director of the Centre, emphasised that these tests allow the identification of possible technical difficulties previously unknown that once studied and solved will be of great help for technological development. (Carbon Capture Journal)
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