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Linde Gets 15% Stake in 2Co's U.K. Carbon-Capture Project

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Linde AG (LIN), a German producer of industrial and medical gases, acquired a 15 percent stake in a carbon-capture and storage project that 2Co Energy Ltd. is building in northern England.
Linde's U.K. unit BOC Group will supply the carbon-capture technology and air separation units for the Don Valley Power Project, London-based 2Co Energy said today in a statement. Terms weren't disclosed.
Don Valley, a 650-megawatt coal-fired power plant in South Yorkshire that's expected to be complete in 2016, is designed to capture at least 90 percent of its emissions, BOC said in the statement. The Yorkshire-Humber region, a center for coal power, contributes around 18 percent of the U.K.'s annual carbon dioxide emissions.
Samsung Group agreed in March to buy a 15 percent stake in Don Valley, which will cost about 3 billion pounds ($4.67 billion).
BOC is also providing carbon-capture technology for a 426- megawatt Alstom SA and Drax Group Plc (DRX) power plant in northern England. (Bloomberg)
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