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Bellona Presents an Overview of Its CCS Activities at a COP 18 Side-event

 Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Global Update on CCS and Regional Project Perspectives - an event hosted by the Global CCS Institute at the Doha climate change negotiations on Saturday 1st December, provided a comprehensive overview of CCS developments. The event focused on challenges of CCS technology from a developing country perspective, in particular in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Frederic Hauge, President of Bellona Foundation and Vice Chairman of ZEP, presented Bellona’s work in the field of promoting CCS and overcoming barriers related to its further development. Hauge stressed the reasons why CCS is a key CO2 mitigation technology and how it can be applied in different power generation and industrial processes. These include bio-CCS - a combination of CCS with sustainable biomass conversion, storage of CO2 from H2 production, ultra-low CO2 steelmaking. In his presentation, he also looked into various novel CCS-relevant technologies such as Sargas technology applicable to extinguish coal fires as well as CCS application in fuel cells power generation based on hydrogen, methane and biomass.

Furthermore, Hauge presented an outline for a report on CCS potential for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) for the Gulf, which as a region with high emissions of CO2 and excellent CO2 storage potential offers great opportunities for this application of CCS. Finally, he presented the Sahara Forest Project which combines already existing and proven environmental technologies, including saltwater-cooled greenhouses, concentrated solar power (CSP), waste CO2 utilization and technologies for desert re-vegetation around a saltwater infrastructure. As he explained, through re-vegetation of the desert, the project is actually able to bind CO2 and become carbon negative while at the same time producing food and clean energy.

Other sessions of the event covered an extensive overview of projects in the GCC region by Mr. Barry Jones of the GCCS Institute and the Saudi Arabia developments on CCS including work within the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and the government’s Carbon Management Roadmap presented by Mr. Khalid M. Abuleif. In the final presentation Mr. Paul Fennell from ImperialCollege focused on latest research in the field of CCS and EOR conducted by the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Centre project.

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