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CO2 Solutions Taps BBA as Lead Engineer for Saint-Félicien Carbon Capture and Reuse Project


Monday, January 16, 2017

BBA has been hired as the lead engineering firm for CO2 Solutions Inc.’s first commercial carbon capture and reuse facility. It is located at a pulp mill in the Saint Félicien region of Quebec.

CO2 Solutions inked an agreement with Fibrek General Partnership, a subsidiary of Resolute Forest Products Inc. and Serres Toundra Inc., for the deployment of a carbon capture unit at the pulp mill. The capture CO2 will be used by Serres Toundra for its greenhouse operations.

The project, budgeted at $7.4 million, involves the capture of up to 30 tonnes-CO2/day from Resolute's softwood kraft pulp mill and its transportation to Serres Toundra's neighbouring vegetable greenhouse. The project will both improve the yield at the greenhouse and reduce the carbon footprint of the pulp mill.

"We are very excited to play such a key role in deploying CO2 Solutions' first commercial installation of this breakthrough technology," said André Allaire, president at BBA. "This is an important project for us, for Quebec and for Canada that, we believe, reflects a great opportunity to help industry meet increasingly strict carbon reduction targets, while remaining competitive. We also look forward to introducing the concept to those of our existing customers who are active in industry sectors where carbon emissions are of particular concern."

CO2 Solutions has secured funding for the project from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Quebec's Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles. SDTC is providing $2.4 million and the Quebec ministry of natural resource is kicking in $3 million.

The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017. (Canadian Green Tech)

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