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Study on Properties of Mesoporous SiO2/polyethylene Polyamine Composite Solid Adsorbent for CO2 Capture
Fengjing Jiang, Qingchun Yu   2016/12    

Based on the fact that the conventional liquid adsorbents for CO2 capture are usually energy-consuming and highly volatile, the solid-state adsorbent was developed by mixing the mesoporous SiO2 with polyethylene polyamine, where mesoporous SiO2 was prepared by using phosphoric acid as pore-forming agent and the average pore size of the SiO2 can be well controlled in the range of 2-6 nm. Due to the huge specific area of the solid-state adsorbent, high CO2-absorbing efficiency was achieved. The effect of adsorbent composition on adsorption efficiency was studied. And the impacts of temperature on CO2 adsorption and regeneration as well as its evolution with time were also investigated. The results show that CO2 can be completely adsorbed. When the mass ratio of polyethylene polyamine to SiO2 is 20% and the temperature is 60, the adsorbent shows the best CO2 adsorption ability. 

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